Midlife Crisis | Chicago Band | Classic Rock, Blues, R&B, Funk

Midlife Crisis Band
One of the most popular and talented cover bands on the south side of Chicago, MIDLIFE CRISIS plays Classic Rock, Pop, Disco, and your favorite Funk. With an extensive song list, MIDLIFE CRISIS appeals to a wide range of audiences and venues: from clubs to festivals to private events. The four band members bring over a decade of experience playing together. Their desire, as it has been right from the start, is to "play music and have FUN!” Check it out!    

John Entsminger - Guitar, Sax, Vocals John Entsminger John Entsminger
  A talented multi-instrumentalist, John not only plays the guitar and sax, he also adds lead and background vocals to the band, recreating all the complex harmonies from the original album versions of the playlist.  
Vocals - Guitar - Sax    
Guitar: Gibson 57 Reissue GoldTop Les Paul, '76 Gibson Explorer
Sax: Selmer Bundy Tenor
Vox Pathfinder, Peavey Bandit
John Entsminger John Entsminger John Entsminger John Entsminger John Entsminger

Mike Vittori - Drums, Vocals Mike Vittori Mike Vittori
  Mike's musical career spans 25 years in the Chicago area. Along with his impressive lead and harmony vocals, his solid drumming is the backbone of the band. He has also been called the master of the sonic boom drum solo.  
Drums - Vocals    
Equipment:  DW Maple Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo heads, DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal, DW 9000 Remote Hi-hat,
Neil Peart Signature Sticks (left handed)
Mike Vittori Mike Vittori Mike Vittori Mike Vittori

Tom Skowronski - Bass Guitar Tom Skowronski Tom Skowronski
  King of the funky bass, Tom brings his solid bass playing ability to the band and provides the rich bottom to round out the powerful and tight rhythm section of Midlife Crisis.  
Bass Guitar    
Guitars:  '77 Fender Precision
 Hartke HA2500 Series VX2515 (turned up to 11)
Tom Skowronski Tom Skowronski Tom Skowronski Tom Skowronski

Anthony Entsminger - Guitar/Vocals Anthony Entsminger Anthony Entsminger
  Anthony’s versatile rhythm guitar playing and fresh vocals brings an expanded list of new songs to the already diverse repertoire of MLC  
Guitar - Vocals    
Guitars : Epiphone Les Paul

Amp :
Peavy Bandit
Anthony Entsminger Anthony Entsminger Anthony Entsminger Anthony Entsminger